“it can happen anywhere. If God could use me, He can use anyone.


In Change Your Church for Good, Brad rekindles hope for the future. He provides essential tools to shake up a stagnant body of believers and infuse it with love, outreach, cultural relevance, and a renewed relationship with God. Drawing on first-hand experience with the church at NorthRidge, where he has served as Senior Pastor since 1990, Brad relays the trials and ultimately the triumph of restoring life and joy to a church that was dying.

If you are a leader seeking a blueprint for change – or a member praying for a miracle -this living example can serve as a springboard for your church. Though once irrelevant and dying, this church is now reaching thousands of people for Christ and providing the hope of renewal to churches around the world.

All churches, whether new or existing, contemporary or traditional, growing or dying, require change to fulfill their God-given mission in this world. Brad has provided a passionate, principled, and practical resource for all churches facing the daunting challenge of transition.

Unlike books that speak only to our dreams and desires for growth, Change Your Church for Good speaks into the reality of our experiences and then gives us a pathway to fulfilling those dreams… and God’s desires… for the church.

If you are at a loss to where one person could begin to stimulate change, this inspirational, real-life story gives tangible instruction and direction on taking the journey. Leaders, members and everyone in between can take heart! Churches can and should change. “If a successful transition could happen at our church,” writes Powell, “it can happen anywhere. If God could use me, He can use anyone.”